The Web, for Artists

If you're a visual or multimedia artist you'll want to read this book about the Web.

Understand it, and understand how to make it bend to your will.

OK, maybe not bend to your will. But: There are things to know about how the Web works that will give you greater control over your own work and how people experience it on the Internet

Understand essential aspects of using the Web for your art

  • Getting and owning your own domain
  • Converting artwork to work well on the Web
  • Understanding appropriate use of HTML and JavaScript

Just the Best Parts: The Web for Artists, written by artist/musician/programmer James Britt, will give you the key information you need to make the most of the Web.

It's fun, it's fast, it to the point.

Start reading it now. »

When the book is done it will be available in PDF, mobi, and epub formats.